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Vacation Lease Agreement

This is a vacation rental. Your signature on this agreement, or payment of money or taking possession of the property after receipt of the agreement, is evidence of your acceptance of the agreement and your intent to use this property for vacation rental.

The Owner or Owners Representatives is here and after referred to as Owner.

A) Advance Payments: A singed lease agreement must be accompanied by a Reservation Deposit. See Rental Fees Schedule attached to this lease. The property is subject to availability until the signed lease and deposit are received. Payment of all fees in full is required 14 days prior to occupancy.
B) Balance: A Security/Damage deposit of $200 NZD is due with the Final Payment in accordance with Rental Fee Schedule.

2. CANCELLATION /TRANSFER: tenant agrees that this lease may not be assigned or sublet, even to a member of the leaseholder’s family. Breach of this condition shell result in termination of reservation and lease. Cancellation must be received in writing by Fax, letter or email.

3. DAMAGE DEPOSIT: Property must be in the same condition at the end as at commencement of this lease. Any excess cleaning and damage repair will be deducted from the security deposit. A list of charges will be mailed or emailed to tenant within 30 days of termination of the tenancy and Deposit less any charges will be returned at that time. All damage or problems should be reported to the owners as soon as possible regardless of whether or not they are due to the fault of the tenant or guests.

4. OCCUPANCY RESTRICTIONS: Premised to be used solely as a private dwelling for the occupancy of the tenant and tenant’s family/friends. During the term of this lease the tenant is responsible for the property and actions of his/her guests. Leaseholder must be at least 21 years of age. Occupancy shall not exceed 2 persons at any time without prior written agreement of the owner. Breach of this lease agreement is grounds for expedited eviction without refund.

5. PETS: None

6. SMOKING: This is a smoking friendly property. When smoking outside the house make sure that smoking materials are discarded in the trash and not in the flowerbeds.

7. LINENS: Sheets, pillowcases, blankets and towels are provided.

8. TELEPHONE: Tenants can buy a phone card from the owners. This will enable the tenants to make any call outside the local area.

9. CHECK-IN: After 1:00 pm on date of arrival unless other arrangements are made in advance. During this lease, the Owner has the right to enter the property at any time for repair, maintenance and cleaning of property.

Your signature here ______________

10. CHCEK-OUT: On or before 12:00 noon unless other arrangements have been made in advance. At expiration of this lease the tenant agrees to surrender possession of this property peaceably and without delay in as good a condition as it was at the commencement of this lease (reasonable wear and tear, acts of God and/or other causes over which the tenant has not control excepted.) After termination of this lease, the tenant and/or his guests may not re-enter the property or occupy the premises without prior arrangement with the owner.

11. ALLEGED DEFICIENCIES OR CLAIMS OF MISREPRESENTATION: Tenant waives any right to allege deficiency in the premises or to otherwise claim that the Owner has misrepresented the property. The Tenant agrees to inspect the property upon arrival. Broken or missing items should be reported to the Owner. Tenant is responsible for any damages to the property resulting from accident or negligence of Tenant or Tenant’s guests during the term of this lease. Personal Property of the Tenant in said premises shell be and remain at his sole risk and Owner shell not be liable for any damages to or loss of such personal property. Neither shall the Owner be responsible for items left behind.

A) Extras: Televisions, stereos, telephone, washing machine, dryer, etc., herein called “Extras”, when advertised as available in or when supplied in a leased property are supplied at no extra charge as convenience for tenant and guests use. Tenant agrees that there will be no refund of rent for malfunction or breakdown of “Extras”.
B) Owners Areas: Areas such as Owner’s personal storage areas are exempt from this lease and are off limits to the Tenant. Entry into these areas is cause for immediate eviction and Tenant will be responsible for and damages or missing items.

13. LEGAL:
A) This leased property will not be used for any activity that violates New Zealand laws.
B) If the building becomes uninhabitable, without fault or negligence of the Tenant, this lease shell terminate and the Tenant shell pay the portion of the rent until the time of such incident. Tenants shell not be entitled to any refund due to unfavorable weather, hurricane, evacuation or disruption of utility service after occupancy.

A) In the event the owner cannot provide the premises described on the date the tenant is to take possession, Tenant shell be entitled to a full refund of the rental price.
B) No representations or warrantees are valid except as provided in this agreement.

15. WAIVER OF LIABILITY: The Tenant will assume all responsibility for Tenant and Tenant’s guests for the risk of using the property.



Your signature here ______________

Lease Date: In on ______________________ Out on ______________________


Name: _________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________


Home Phone: _________________________________________________

Work Phone: _________________________________________________

Signature: _________________________________________________

Date: _________________________________________________


Malcolm Ramsay & Robyn Norman (or their Representative)


Mail ALL pages of Lease Agreement with Deposit or bank deposit receipt to:
Ramsay and Norman.
458, Henderson Bay Road,Kaitaia,
Far North, New Zealand.

Make Cheques Payable To:
Norman and Ramsay (Cheques should be Bank Cheques only.)
or Deposit money directly into our Bank Account: Bank: Please email us for those details.

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